Things You Might Want to Know

What's the top speed of Loomo?

In Self-Balancing Vehicle(SBV) mode, the top speed is 5 m/s (18km/h, 11 mph).
In Robot mode, the top speed is 2.3 m/s (8 km/h, 5 mph).

In SBV mode, how far can Loomo travel on a fully charged battery?

Loomo has a range of about 30 km (18.6 miles) when carrying a person weighting 75 kg(165.3 lbs) .

In Robot mode, how long can Loomo run on a single charge?

It depends on whether there are high CPU consuming operations (such as running complex algorithms) when you use an app on Loomo. On average, Loomo's battery can last for 6-8 hours per charge.

Can Loomo detect and recognize a person's face?

Android has provided developers with a powerful facial detection and tracking library, which has been used on Loomo. Facial recognition is already on the roadmap for future Loomo integration.

How can I make Loomo follow someone?

Loomo is equipped with a built-in, powerful Intel RealSense camera, which can detect an object in 3 dimensions. Developers can first use the Detection and Tracking system (DTS) in the Vision SDK to visually detect and track a person. They can then make Loomo follow the person using the MiniController in the Locomotion SDK.

If not using Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), how can I use Odometry to implement localization?

Odometry defines a relative coordinate system to calculate the robot’s real-time coordinate points according to an original one. You can find more related information at the following link: https://april.eecs.umich.edu/software/apriltag.html

Is ROS supported on Loomo?

We are developing a ROS bridge (based on ROS android) for Loomo, and it will be released in the near future.

Is Android knowledge a prerequisite for being a Loomo developer?

It is strongly recommended that your team has at least one Android developer since Loomo is an Android-based robot. If you intend to learn more about Android, please visit related resource links below:

Does the developer edition robot come with arms?

The arms shown in our CES demo were just used as an example to illustrate how to attach hardware extensions for Loomo. The developer edition robot does not come with arms, but developers are free to design and attach arms for Loomo through the hardware extension bay.

How can I add robotic arms to Loomo?

Please refer to the Hardware Extension Bay Overview section.

Is voiceprint recognition supported?

Voiceprint recognition is not currently supported.

Can I use the SDK to control a Mini Pro or other Segway products?

Loomo is the only device that you can control through the SDK. We do not have plans to open up the SDK to earlier products.

What type of hardware extensions can I attach to Loomo?

Loomo is equipped with an extension bay converter. When attached, it provides direct access to USB 2.0 and a 24-voltage(1A limit) power supply. You can use this converter to connect any kind of device as long as it supports the USB interface and does not exceed the power limit.

What kind of components does the Loomo SDK include?

Loomo SDK includes 5 main components: Vision, Speech, Locomotion, Connectivity, and Interaction. For more information, please read the SDK Overview section.

How do I create facial expressions for Loomo?

We have released the first version of Emoji SDK, which is a framework that allows robots to coordinate and play emotions, sounds, and actions. This allows the robot to be more lifelike. In the first version, we provide 16 different Emojis. Please read the Emoji section to learn how to use the Emoji SDK.

How can I transform the robot from SBV mode to Robot mode?

Press the transformation button to switch Loomo between SBV mode and Robot mode. Loomo is in SBV mode when booting.
How to transform the robot from SBV mode to Robot mode.

How do I report a bug?

When you encounter a bug, send a bug report email to support@loomo.com or post a message to your slack channel. It is highly encouraged to collect error messages and copy them into the bug report. We will respond and solve those error messages as soon as possible.

Will additional SDK services be released?

We will publish Loomo system updates through the built-in OTA when additional SDK services are integrated.