Hardware Extension Bay Overview


Loomo, a.k.a Segway Robot, provides a hardware extension bay that allows connection to additional accessories, providing a whole new magnitude of possibilities.

The extension bay contains a standard USB 2.0 host, and a 24 volt power supply with 1A limit.

Hardware Specifications

We provide a standard USB Interface along with an additional power supply.

See below picture for the detailed design of the hardware extension bay.

Extension Bay Overview

( The detailed design of the hardware extension bay )

Pogo Connector Pin Design:

Pin Name Type Description
1 P24V Power DC power supply: 24V/1A
2 GND GND DC Ground
3 P5V Power DC power supply: 5V/500mA
4 USB_DATA- USB2.0 USB2.0 Data N
5 USB_DATA+ USB2.0 USB2.0 Data P
6 GND GND DC Ground
7 Detect Input Connect it to GND to enable power supply

Software Specifications

The extension bay is a USB 2.0 host. And the USB driver is based on Android 5.1.

The extension bay USB supports hot plug, When the USB device, the client, is plugged in, the system will generate a corresponding device node.

Trusted applications will have the right to read and write this device node.

All the drivers of USB device chipsets listed below are supported:

MOSCHIP USB-ethernet driver ark3116
asix ax88179_178a
belkin_sa catc
cdc_acm cdc_eem
cdc_ether cdc_ncm
cdc_subset ch341
cp210x digi_acceleport
dm9601 f81232
ftdi_sio ipheth
kaweth keyspan_pda
mct_u232 mos7720
mos7840 net1080
option oti6858
pegasus pl2303
rtl8150 sierra_net
smsc75xx smsc95xx
snd-usb-audio spcp8x5
ssu100 ti_usb_3410_5052
ums-realtek usb-storage
usb_ehset_test usbfs
usbhid usbserial
usbserial_generic uvcvideo
whiteheat zaurus


How can I know if the client accessory is support by Loomo when I don’t have a robot?

You can verify your client in a standard Android 5.1 device to see if it is supported as a USB host.

What should I do when my USB device are declined by Android SE policy?

You should ask our FAE to add the policy for your device in next release.

How can I get the 7 Pin Pogo connector?

One 7 Pin Pogo connector comes with the Developer Edition Loomo. If you need additional ones, check our website ( ) to get information about how to purchase the connector when it's available.